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Guidelines for Students

Sally Sophomore’s return to campus

Pre-Arrival: Message received at home before leaving for school. Guidance on what to expect regarding on consents, campus activities, code of conduct, daily screening and testing.

Instructions to download apps, self quarantine before coming, and travel with caution.

  • Day 1: Arrive on campus on her scheduled day to return. Upon arrival for room key pick up, confirm Qualtrics apps has been downloaded and complete consents and first self screening on app. Arrive at health office at pre-scheduled COVID test time. Physicians or nurse will administer PCR test.
  • Day 2: If awaiting PCR results, stay in room 24 to 48 hours and abide by CMC health guidelines. Complete daily screening on Qualtrics app.
  • Day 3: Test results between 24 to 48 hours: receives call/communication from Hamilton Healthbox physician if positive. RN enters into Qualtrics to begin case management. Notifications sent to: DOS, Faculty, Housing, Dining, Custodial.

Management of POSITIVE test result:

  • Day 3 (cont’d): move to Isolation housing at Arbol Verde or other location. RN and contact tracers review Qualtrics data to determine housing location, dining locations, classmates, and cross check all contacts of Sally Sophomore to begin calling and tracing. Notify and interview close contacts, roll out additional quarantine and testing for them.
  • Day 4 – 10: Daily calls from RN and telemedicine follow-up to receive care. Daily symptom checks in Qualtrics app. Daily management and documentation by DOS and Dining and Custodial and Academic Counseling into Qualtrics to track all service responses. Learning online only from isolation area; food delivery, laundry pick up, etc.
  • Day 10 or beyond: Hamilton Health Box physician and RN clear student to return to class. Notifications sent to: DOS, Faculty, Housing, Dining, Custodial from Qualtrics case management tool. Begin daily self screening on Qualtrics app again.

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Please see the following for COVID-19 updates for  Los Angeles and the state of California, in addition to federal resources listed below.

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