Student and
Family FAQs


What is the academic calendar for the fall?
Monday, August 30: First day of classes
Monday, September 6: Labor Day Holiday (no classes)
Monday, September 13: Last day to add classes
Mon/Tues, October 18-19: Fall Break (no classes)
Thursday, October 21: Last day to drop courses without record
Wed-Sun, November 24-28: Thanksgiving Recess (no classes)
Monday, December 6: CMC senior thesis due
Friday, December 10: Last day of CMC classes
Mon-Fri, December 13-17: Final exams for all students

How will classes be taught in the fall?
The default mode of instruction for the fall will be in-person courses. The College is exploring online and asynchronous options should they be required, for example, if an international student is not able to be here or if a student or faculty member is in quarantine or isolation due to COVID or COVID symptoms. As such, the College is exploring technology options for classrooms and other creative solutions so that a student or faculty member can participate remotely or asynchronously if necessary due to extenuating circumstances. 

Can students still take classes at the other 5Cs?
Cross-campus registration will continue per usual; however, each campus will decide for itself as to whether classes will be in-person or hybrid or fully online.

Will study abroad programs, the Silicon Valley Program and the Washington Program still be options in the fall?
Yes. There are no plans to cancel study abroad, the Silicon Valley Program (SVP) or the Washington DC Program. If you are approved to participate in these programs, CMC will contact you regarding any specific information related to your program.

When will new students register for classes?
We anticipate new students will meet with their academic advisors and register for classes toward the end of the summer, prior to move-in day. This must be a 5C decision, and conversations are underway with the faculty executive committees of the various campuses to finalize the policy.

What is the due date for fall thesis?
The CMC thesis due date is December 6, 2021.

What will the grading policy be for fall 2021?
The grading policy can be found in the CMC Course Catalog. We do not anticipate any changes to CMC’s grading policy from the 2020-21 Catalog. The 2021-22 Catalog will be published over the summer.

Will office hours be offered online or in-person?
Office hours will be arranged by each faculty member, and may be in-person or online.

Will the Athenaeum be open for in-person events?

The Athenaeum will resume in-person events as permitted in the fall. A range of online events are likely to be offered as well to increase accessibility to our community members.

What will Physical Education classes look like?
CMS has a full slate of PE Courses planned for this fall.  Most in-person courses on campus will be taught outdoors to mitigate risk and will meet all state and county guidelines.  There will be a few asynchronous offerings for those not ready to return to in-person PE.  Please reach out to the instructor or Associate Athletic Director, Randy Town, for more information.

Academic Support Resources

I usually get my books from the CARE Center NextRoom Book Loan Program. Will the program resume this fall?
Yes, the CARE Center NextRoom Book Loan Program will be reactivated when students return to campus. We encourage students to contact the Dean of Students Office if they are interested in donating their books at the end of the spring semester to help populate the loan library for fall.

I’m nervous about the transition back to campus. Are there support resources to help me prepare for this adjustment?
Faculty and students alike will be adjusting to in-person classes again. If you are concerned about specific elements of your transition, we recommend you contact the Dean of Students Office to discuss the range of academic, financial, and mental health support resources available.

Will Huntley Bookstore be open in the fall?
Huntley Bookstore will be open throughout the fall semester. Additionally, you can purchase books online through Huntley and have them shipped directly to your home, including to most international locations. Huntley receives the electronic version for most textbooks, which can be rented, often for less than the cost of the hardcopy purchase.

Will Center for Writing and Public Discourse (CWPD) consultations be available?
Absolutely! You can make an appointment using their online scheduling platform.

Will I be able to get a DOS Peer Tutor or work with a Success Consultant in the fall?
Success Consultants and DOS Peer Tutors will be available for individual and small-group sessions this fall. Depending on health conditions and possible restrictions on gatherings, these meetings will be in-person or via Zoom. The Success Consultant program will also be hosting various in-person or virtual workshop series, such as Best Life Strategies and Chill. Please visit the Academic Success webpage for updated information in the fall.

Will the Quantitative Computing Lab (QCL) consultations be available for students?
Yes, one-on-one mentoring will continue to be offered by the QCL either in-person or via Zoom.

Will there be any workshop opportunities at the Quantitative Computing Lab (QCL) as there have been in the past?
Yes, the QCL will continue offering workshops either in-person or via Zoom as conditions permit. Topics will include Excel, Tableau, R, Python, MATLAB, and LaTeX. QCL may add a couple of new workshops in the fall such as SQL (database) and supercomputing.

Are there resources for students who will be coming back to campus after having faced trauma and loss due to the pandemic?
Students who have faced trauma or loss for any reason, including the pandemic, are supported by the College in a range of ways such as academic, financial, and mental health resources. Students are encouraged to reach out to the Dean of Students Office over the summer if they have specific concerns related to their transition back to campus. We ask that all students build a community of care for one another, as we will each return to campus with a set of lived experiences that should be honored and respected.

Accessibility Services

Will my accessibility (ADA) accommodations change once we return to campus?
In most cases, students with existing accommodations should expect to maintain their accommodations when they return to campus. If the accommodation was specific to the virtual environment, then it may become inactive. Further, if the student has only had accommodations in a virtual environment and has different needs on campus, they can reach out to to determine what modifications may be appropriate to support equal access to the residential and academic experiences at CMC. These can include housing, dining, and other physical accommodations. Finally, many students may have received new diagnoses during their time away from campus and are encouraged to update their files so that we may best support their equal access through updated or modified accommodations.

What if I did not have accommodations during the virtual semesters?
Any students, new or returning, who have not received accommodations previously should visit our website to read more information about our request process, documentation, and to submit the accommodations request. Please feel free to send any questions to

Athletics and Recreation

What will happen with CMS Athletics in the fall semester?
We anticipate a return of varsity athletics in the fall. Each program will adhere strictly to NCAA, SCIAC, and CMS guidelines for health and safety.  If you are a student-athlete, please reach out to your head coach for the most up to date information on return.  The Athletic Department will be providing more updates on return in early summer, including information on physicals and return dates as well as required paperwork for compliance, athletic training, and the equipment room.

Will fans be allowed at CMS Athletics Events?
CMS will follow all state and county guidance regarding fans at athletic competitions as well as adhere to all SCIAC and NCAA Guidelines for a safe return. 

Will Roberts Pavilion be open?
We anticipate Roberts Pavilion will be open for athletic and recreational use this fall. Usage and capacity will be contingent on health conditions as well as LA County and California guidelines for gyms and fitness establishments.

Will I be able to take Physical Education courses?
Yes. CMS has a full slate of PE Courses planned for this fall.  Most in-person courses on campus will be taught outdoors to mitigate risk and will meet all state and county guidelines.  There will be a few asynchronous offerings for those not ready to return to in-person PE.  Please reach out to the instructor or Associate Athletic Director, Randy Town, for more information. 

Will CMS Recreation have programs in the fall?
CMS Recreation plans to have a variety of programming, both in-person and virtual, including classes, intramurals, and workshops.  For in-person recreation, CMS will adhere to all LA County and California guidelines for gyms and fitness establishments.  The goal is to continue to support the fitness and well-being needs of our students, faculty, and staff in the transition back to campus.  Please reach out to Director of Recreation, Chris Spells, for more information.

Will 5C Club Sports be sponsored this fall?
CMS is working closely with Pomona-Pitzer to plan for a safe return for our 5C Club Sports.  Please stay tuned for more updates over the summer.  Please reach out to Matt Ryan, Assistant Director of Recreation, for more information.

COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing

Will COVID-19 vaccinations be mandatory?
CMC will mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for all students; however, as is the case with other vaccination requirements, students can submit an affidavit for exemption from vaccination for documented medical reasons, or if it conflicts with the tenets and practices of a recognized church, religious denomination or recognized religious organization of which the applicant is an adherent or member. Students who qualify for an exception will be required to tested for COVID-19 twice weekly, free of charge.

How can I provide proof of my COVID-19 vaccination?
Students are asked to upload documentation of their vaccination to the Qualtrics health-screening site. You can upload a photo of your vaccination card. You will be prompted to indicate which type of vaccine you received and the date of your shot(s). You can upload the first vaccine and then the second once you have completed the series.

If everyone gets the vaccine will campus be able to go back to completely normal?
The greater the proportion of our student body to be vaccinated, the more likely campus life will resume “normally.” LA County will set the standards by which we operate the campus, under the County Institutions of Higher Education regulations for re-opening. They may require social distancing, use of masks, have capacity limits for indoors, etc.  We expect there will be some modifications to the “normal” campus experience and are preparing to anticipate those safely and smoothly for the return of students.

Will COVID-19 vaccines be provided for students who can’t get them in their home community?
If there are CMC students in locations (domestic or international) who have not been able to access a vaccine, we will work with those students one on one to help them get vaccinated in their location, or, if necessary, upon arrival to Claremont. If early arrivals are required to accommodate on-site vaccination, those will be discussed on a case by case basis. Students can contact

Can students receive COVID-19 vaccines that are not approved for use in the U.S.?
Students are encouraged to get whatever brand of vaccine is offered safely in their home location. Vaccines that are not approved for use in the U.S. will satisfy CMC’s vaccine mandate, but students receiving those vaccines may be subject to an antibody serology test to assess immunity. Additionally, they may be required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing (self-administered nasal swab, PCR test, free of charge) in coordination with CMC’s Hamilton Health Box clinic. 


Can students be vaccinated at Student Health Services over the summer?
Student health services is an approved vaccination site, but the distribution of vaccines has been limited and sporadic. As vaccines become available, eligible students living in the area will be notified.

Will vaccination expectations be standardized across the 5Cs?
This is under discussion with the President’s Council. While common policies are always a goal, our top priority will be the best policy for CMC.

Will students be tested regularly for COVID-19?
We anticipate that students who are vaccinated will not be required to test regularly, but will instead be subject to random testing periodically during the semester. Students with known exposures or COVID symptoms may also be required to test regardless of vaccination status.

Financial Aid and Campus Employment

My family experienced a loss of income due to COVID-19. Can I apply for additional financial aid?
Yes, the Office of Financial Aid has an appeals process for such circumstances.

What if you receive financial aid and decide to take a leave of absence (LOA) for the fall 2021 instead of enrolling at CMC?
If you take a LOA for the fall 2021 semester, your family contribution will remain the same for the academic year and will be applied to the Cost of Attendance for the spring 2022 semester. This can have a significant impact on your eligibility for need-based grant assistance. Because your estimated family contribution stays the same for the year regardless of the number of semesters enrolled, in some cases, a leave of absence could result in a student no longer being eligible for need-based aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions.

What happens to my financial aid if I decide to enroll at CMC this fall as a part-time student?
Generally, students who are enrolled as part-time students are not eligible for their merit-based or need-based assistance. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions.

Will there be on-campus jobs this fall?
In-person CMC student-employment opportunities will be available this fall.  As is normally the case, students who are unable to work will have the opportunity to convert their work study “self-help assistance amount” to “self-help in the form of a student loan.” Students need to make a request in writing to the Office of Financial Aid in order to initiate this change.

For students seeking CMC employment, the Soll Center for Student Opportunity will post open roles as they become available. Students can also contact departments directly. Most opportunities can be accessed through Handshake, the Center’s online recruiting system.

The Soll Center for Student Opportunity is also increasing the availability of micro-internships and smaller engagement, project-based opportunities. Please continue to reach out to the Soll Center for Student Opportunity and the Career Coaches for guidance and support.

Will the Research Institutes be active and hiring student employees? 
Yes, the Research Institutes will be very active and will able to have student employees. Please visit the Research Institutes and Centers gateway and reach out to the Directors for more information. The CMC Club and Research Institute Fair will happen on Friday, September 3 where you can learn more about the Research Institutes and other campus opportunities.

What if I am unable to work to earn money this summer to help pay for college?
Students on financial aid who cannot find work this summer should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss the possibility of replacing the standard student contribution typically earned through summer work with institutional loans for the 2021-22 academic year.

If students who receive need-based aid are approved to live off-campus in the fall, are they able to receive financial aid to assist with living expenses?
Students approved to live off-campus in locations other than their home or with relatives, will be packaged to their institutional need, based on the standard room and board included in CMC’s Cost of Attendance for the semester. Students living at home or with relatives will be packaged to their institutional need based on the standard board allowance for the semester. The financial aid award you receive for academic year 2021-22 reflects your eligibility for the room and board allowance, or a portion of the allowance. You will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid instructing you to check your Net Partner account to view your financial aid award once your aid is available for academic year 2021-22. Your individual budget is displayed in Net Partner on the Financial Aid Award Summary screen (just below the standard budget).Your individual budget is broken out between “Direct Costs” and “Indirect Costs,” and it will indicate the housing option that was used to determine your eligibility for need-based aid.  You should contact the Office of Financial Aid if you plan on a different housing option than is indicated in your individual budget or if your housing plans change at a later date, because this can impact your eligibility for need-based aid.

Per CMC’s Student Account policies, if students have a credit balance on their student account once their direct charges are paid as a result of financial aid credits, they will be able to request a refund from the Office of Student Accounts. Federal, state, and non-institutional aid is usually reflected as “expected financial assistance” on the student’s account about 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester and will not generate a credit balance on the student account until it is received, which typically occurs toward the end of the first month of the semester.

How can students access emergency funds?
The College has limited emergency funds for costs that fall outside the cost of attendance. Students can apply for the funds here.

Health Services and Insurance

Can students access general health services when they return to campus?
Student Health Services (SHS) has remained open and will continue to be open this fall. Students should anticipate that medical services through SHS will be received on an appointment basis only. Walk-in appointments will likely not be allowed due to COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions. As a result, same day appointment availability will be expanded to accommodate most students in a timely manner. SHS can be contacted at 909-621-8222. SHS also advises you to review their website to get more detailed information about the services provided.

We anticipate students will continue to have the option of using the contracted telemedicine service, 7C.Health. This no cost option is available to ALL students at The Claremont Colleges, regardless of whether they are living on campus, locally off campus or in a different part of the country. Please note that all telemedicine services will be provided through 7C.Health, not SHS.

Where do CMC students go for COVID-19 related health concerns?
Student Health Services (SHS) will be available to local students for basic medical needs; however, College has contracted with Hamilton Health Box, an independent, licensed health clinic which has a location on CMC’s campus, to assist CMC students with COVID-19 assessments, testing, symptom monitoring, and contact tracing. You can access HHB by phone 909-607-2301 or by email:

Will I be required to have health insurance if I am living at home or off-campus and I am not spending any time on campus for the fall 2021 semester?
Yes. When enrolled at CMC all students, regardless of where you live, are required to have health insurance.

Enrolled domestic students who carry personal health insurance coverage may request to waive enrollment in the Claremont Colleges Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by submitting information and proof of coverage annually via their SHIP Insurance Verification Portal—link will be provided in early summer. Students who do not complete the waiver process by August 30 will be enrolled in SHIP.

Enrolled international students who reside inside the U.S. will be automatically enrolled in SHIP but may apply for a waiver to show proof that they have health insurance coverage by a domestic insurer who pays claims in the US and the policy meets all the waiver requirements for coverage. International students may apply for a waiver by contacting Lyn Hughes in the Dean of Students Office at

Enrolled international students will be automatically enrolled in SHIP but may apply for a waiver to show proof that they have comparable health coverage in their home country of residence. International students may apply for a waiver by contacting Lyn Hughes in the Dean of Students Office at

Housing and Orientation

Will we be at full occupancy on campus in the fall?
Yes. We anticipate being at full occupancy. Rooms at the nearby Alexan Kendry Apartments will be included in the on-campus room draw in addition to our residence halls and the senior apartment housing options.

If I plan to complete my degree in December, am I eligible for on-campus housing?
Yes. We plan to house all full-time students who request housing.

If I am a part-time student this fall, am I eligible for on-campus housing?
Part-time students will be offered housing after the completion of room draw, as space permits.

When will I be able to indicate my intention to live on-campus?
The housing application will go live on April 1st and must be submitted no later than May 29th. Students will indicate what type of housing they are interested in pursuing: apartments (priority goes to seniors), substance-free, single gender, or no preference. Additionally, students who are interested in applying to live off campus in non-College affiliated housing will have the opportunity to indicate this and provide rationale. Please remember, this is a request and not a guarantee. See the living off campus FAQ for additional details.

I was on a leave of absence in spring 2021. Can I still live on campus in fall 2021?
Students who intend to live on campus, must fill out the housing application located in their Residence Portal. This includes students who are approved to return from a leave of absence. Please note that return approvals processed after May 28th are not guaranteed housing for Fall 2021. Please reach out to Residential Life ( with any questions.

If I live in Alexan Kendry, will I have access to transportation to and from campus?
Yes. A shuttle service will run between Alexan Kendry and campus at regular intervals.

How does room draw work?
Room Draw will take place online via the Residence platform. Students will submit a housing application by May 29th and be eligible to participate in Room Draw in June. Individual selection times will be randomly assigned within each group according to anticipated graduation date. Students will log into Residence on the date and time they are assigned to select a room and enter the SympleSelect process. Once a room is selected by a student and finalized and they are all set for the fall! Additional detailed information will be posted on the website by mid-May and instructions sent to all students participating in Room Draw. Residential Life staff will also be available during the Room Draw process to troubleshoot and answer questions.

When is room draw going to occur?
Room Draw will occur by the end of June. Firm dates will be announced in early summer. Detailed information on how to select a room will be provided ahead of Room Draw. Students must complete their housing application (live until May 29 on Residence Platform) to be eligible for room draw.

Will the class of 2024 participate in room draw or will they be placed in housing assignments by the residential life office?
Rising sophomores will go through room draw and can select from available singles and double rooms (with a roommate). If you choose to not go through room draw, you will be placed in housing through the residential life office. Some students in class of 2024 have already indicated a preference for the residential life office to place them with a roommate and room assignment as they would if they were incoming, first-year students. This choice process allows students some flexibility.

When is move-in and orientation?
We anticipate the following schedule:

August 12-19 – Class of 2025 Virtual Family Orientation Sessions
August 19— New International Student Move-In (Class of 2024 and 2025)
August 20-21— New International Student Orientation
August 22—Class of 2025 Student Move-In
August 23-25—Class of 2025 WOA Trips
August 24— Class of 2024 Student Move-In
August 25-27 – Class of 2024 WOA Trips
August 26-29—Class of 2025 and 2024 Orientation Activities
August 28-29— Class of 2023 and 2022 Move-In
August 30—First Day of Classes

Will the move-in dates be different for international students?
We hope that our international students who are juniors and seniors will be able to move in with other students in their class per the dates outlined above, but we will be flexible with early and late arrivals as travel restrictions and Visa issues require. International students in the class of 2024 and 2025 will move in on Thursday, August 19 to take part in a short, international student orientation (Friday, 8/20 – Saturday 8/21) program preceding the full orientation program with the rest of their class.

Will new students have a WOA trip?
We are moving forward with plans for WOA trips for new first-year and sophomore students, and transfer students. Students will receive more information about WOA in the early summer.

Will the class of 2024 have an on-campus orientation or a WOA trip since they missed those experiences this past year?
Yes, sophomores will move in on August 24, and will head off on WOA on August 25-27. Upon return, they will take part in orientation activities prior to the start of classes on August 30.

Is there an Orientation program for parents and families of students?
The parents and families of new students will have the opportunity to attend a range of virtual orientation sessions in August 2021 prior to students’ arrival on campus. Students are encouraged to bring no more than two people to help them move in and get settled on their assigned move in day as outlined below.

August 19—new international students from class of 2024, class of 2025 and transfers. We anticipate here will be an informal reception for parents and families at the home of President Hiram Chodosh and Priya Junnar that evening. More information to come.

August 22—first-year students move in. In addition to informal opportunities to meet members of the Parent Network Board throughout the day, CMC will host a formal welcome session for parents and families featuring President Hiram Chodosh and key administrators around 2:30 PM. Families should plan to depart campus by 4:15 so new students can begin their orientation activities.

August 24—sophomore students move in. Sophomore parents and families participated in full orientation activities last fall. We look forward to meeting parents and family members in person, when they help their students move in on August 24. We anticipate an informal reception gathering at a local venue for those who wish to spend time with one another following their departure from campus, around 2:30 PM. Sophomore orientation activities will begin by 3:00 PM.

Are early arrivals going to be approved for athletic teams, student leadership groups, etc.?
Residential Life will work with Athletics and other campus departments on the needs and timing for early arrivals. As is typical of our early arrival process, all early arrivals must be sponsored by a department with a specific need for students to be on campus.

Is living off-campus an option next semester?
Per CMC’s residential life policies, students must receive approval to live off-campus. Housing applications will launch in April, and students will have until May 29 to indicate their housing preferences—on-campus or off-campus. We anticipate 50-75 students to be approved to live off campus, and encourage those applications. Students approved for off-campus housing will be eligible to receive their financial aid for room and board as a refund if they are living are not living with family. Please see the FAQ section on Financial Aid and Employment for more information.

Will students who live locally be allowed to visit campus?
Enrolled students living off-campus will be permitted to come to campus for classes and school sponsored activities, provided they are vaccinated and abide by all behavioral expectations, including any health screening and testing requirements.

What protocols and procedures will be put in place to reduce potential COVID-19 outbreaks in the residence halls?
Depending on public health conditions and the guidelines from Los Angeles County, an array of protocols could be put in place to reduce outbreaks. For example, mask mandates, enhanced cleaning schedules, limitations on social gatherings, restrictions on visitors, etc.

CMC stored my belongings when we left in March 2020. Will CMC continue to store my things through the summer?
CMC will continue to store returning students’ belongings until CMC’s residential program resumes. If you prefer to come to campus to get your things, someone from the Dean of Students Office or Facilities & Campus Services can assist you in retrieving your belongings from storage.

If I stored a bike on campus, will it be shipped to me?
Bikes will not be shipped to students. All registered and stored bikes will remain in the Stark and Crown storage rooms, and students can retrieve bikes when they return to campus. If a student is local and would like to retrieve their bike from campus, email MaryKate Jacobs, Assistant Director of Student Activities, to coordinate pick up.

International Students

Will I be able to enter the US with my F-1 visa during the fall 2021 semester?
Students with a valid F-1 visa and Active SEVIS record may re-enter the U.S. at any time if there are no travel restrictions applied to their country of departure.

If CMC resumes in-person instruction in Fall 2021, students with SEVIS records in “Initial” status are now permitted enter the U.S. for Fall 2021 as long as they are enrolled in at least one in-person course. The earliest date for these students to enter the US is 30 days before the beginning of the semester.

For information about your current F-1 status and documents required for traveling to the US, you may contact Chrystal Orozco (

Will I need to apply for a new F-1 visa to return to campus?
All students will need a valid F-1 visa and endorsed Form I-20 to enter the US. A new F-1 visa is required only if the visa will expire before entering to the U.S.

Will I still be in valid F-1 status even if I am not in the U.S. during Fall 2021?
According to the ICE Fall 2020 COVID-19 Guidance, when CMC resumes in-person instruction in Fall 2021, students will be required to be present in the U.S. and enrolled full time (3 credits or more) at CMC to have valid F-1 status.

If I took general leave of absence during Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021, would I need to apply for a new F-1 visa to return in Fall 2021?
As long as the F-1 visa currently in your passport is unexpired, you will not need to renew your F-1 visa to return to the U.S. after your leave of absence. You will likely need a new SEVIS record and Form I-20 from Chrystal Orozco. Citizens of Canada and Bermuda are not required to obtain a physical F-1 visa and would only need a new SEVIS record and Form I-20 to return to CMC.

Am I able to be enrolled part-time in Fall 2021 as a student in F-1 status?
International students must be enrolled in at least 3 credits to maintain their F-1 status. Exceptions can be made for: (1) students with medical reasons necessitating a reduced course load, and (2) students in their final semester who do not need to be enrolled in 3 credits to complete their graduation requirements. Reduced course load requests must be submitted to and authorized by Chrystal Orozco (

Will international students be able to transfer courses from their home country back to CMC?
International students may be able to transfer some courses back from universities in their home country; however, all transfer opportunities must be approved by the Office of the Registrar, and approval should be sought prior to your enrollment at any other institution:

Will international students in the U.S. be able to access treatment for COVID-19 under student health insurance?
Yes. International students will be able to use the SHIP coverage for COVID-19 treatment.

Will COVID-19 vaccines be provided for students who can’t get them in their home country?
If there are CMC students in locations (domestic or international) who have not been able to access a vaccine, we will work with those students one on one to help them get vaccinated in their location, or, if necessary, upon arrival to Claremont. If early arrivals are required to accommodate on-site vaccination, those will be discussed on a case by case basis. Students can contact

Can students receive COVID-19 vaccines that are not approved for use in the U.S.?
Students are encouraged to get whatever brand of vaccine is offered safely in their home location. Vaccines that are not approved for use in the U.S. will satisfy CMC’s vaccine mandate, but students receiving those vaccines may be subject to a free antibody serology test to assess immunity. Additionally, they may be required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing (self-administered nasal swab, PCR test, free of charge) in coordination with CMC’s Hamilton Health Box clinic.

Mental Health Support

Should we expect any changes at Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS)?
MCAPS is currently exploring options around their mode of treatment delivery in the fall. Regardless of whether MCAPS staff will be seeing students in person or via teletherapy, they will continue to offer the same amount and quality of counseling, assessment, crisis services and groups as they have in the past.

To improve equity and timeliness of access to mental health services, MCAPS now offers a Rapid Access Initial Assessment. Every student at The Claremont Colleges requesting MCAPS services will be seen for a 20-25 minute appointment within a few days. During that appointment, students may be assessed as appropriate for brief, goal-directed therapy at MCAPS or referred out for long-term, more intensive, or more specialized treatment. MCAPS will no longer use a session-limit model where all students are entitled to 8 sessions specifically; rather, MCAPS will offer this Rapid Access Initial Assessment universally, with the goal of connecting each student as quickly as possible to appropriate mental health care. Brief therapy through MCAPS will be provided to those students who are appropriate candidates for short-term care.

To access services at MCAPS, please call 909-621-8202.  For after-hours crisis services, the voicemail message will prompt you to press “1” to be connected to an on-call therapist.

How will psychiatry at MCAPS work?
Psychiatry appointments will continue to be offered, either in person or via telemedicine.

What 24/7 therapy options are there?
Students have access to two 24/7 on-demand supports. Both are free of charge.

ProtoCall: Connect with a counselor over the phone (909.621.8202 & Press 1)

7C Health: Students can access a licensed counselor through this web-based platform by clicking here: and signing up using their email address. Students are able to take advantage of unlimited visits, though should be aware that these are not meant to be used in place of regularly scheduled, ongoing visits, meaning each time they log in, they may be connected with a different clinician.

If I’m currently seeing a therapist at home and want to find a new therapist in the Claremont area, what should I do?
Jess Neilson, Assistant Dean of Mental Health & and Case Management, serves as a connection point for those who would like to explore therapy or other emotional wellbeing options both on and off campus. For students who are looking to pursue mental health care options in the Claremont community, Jess can assist with relevant information and referrals.

Will CMC offer supplemental mental health counseling services and support resources as it has in the past?
Yes, CMC will continue to offer supplemental mental health support (either in person or via teletherapy) by contracting with a number of local therapists. We are working out details to offer as much intentional support as we can, through a variety of modalities (individual sessions, group sessions, drop-in hours). Please stay tuned for more details throughout the summer. A full list of mental health resources can be found here. and will be updated with Fall resources over the summer.

Is there a process to follow if you are struggling with the transition back to campus/need help?
Yes, absolutely. Support services on campus will be available and they are ready to work with you! The Dean of Students office can provide support in a number of areas, including academic, mental health and emotional wellbeing, disability and accessibility services, social connectedness and more. The DOS staff can be reached via email or phone, and can help connect you to other campus resource offices as needed.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, you can reach a licensed therapist 24/7 either by phone (909.621.8202, dial 1) or video tele therapy (7C.Health).

If you are worried about a friend, you can let us know by completing our CMC Cares referral and someone from our office will reach out.

Residential Life and Student Activities

If people are vaccinated, will we still have to wear masks?
It is likely that masks will be required by LA County in some or all contexts outside your residence hall room. Much is yet to be determined in this regard, and more information will be provided as health conditions develop over the next several months.

Will we be able to access the gym, the library, the reading room, etc.?
We anticipate CMC students will be able to access campus facilities including the library, Roberts Pavilion, Crocker Reading Room, the computer labs, and other common spaces; however, students should anticipate revised hours, reduced occupancy, strict mask requirements, reservation processes, and other policies to support the health of our community as conditions require.

Will Collin’s Dining Hall be open in the fall?
Occupancy in Collin’s Dining Hall will be determined by LA County consistent with other restaurant-like dining establishments. To support dining services, we have enhanced outdoor dining areas on campus and are exploring food trucks and fresh food vending machines to supplement the dining hall. The College has also partnered with GrubHub for a campus-based app that will allow students to order food from the Hub online for pickup.

Will students be permitted to eat at the other 5C dining halls?
It is unlikely that cross-campus dining will be permitted in the fall. This policy will be finalized in early summer, and will be reevaluated at the end of the fall semester.

Will students from the other Claremont Colleges be allowed to visit CMC’s campus? Can my family visit me?
This summer, as health conditions evolve, each campus will be developing policies related to visitors from the other campuses and from family and friends. We will work closely our CMC students as we develop these policies. Students will be required to comply with the policies of the other campuses in addition to their own.

How strict will CMC be in terms of allowing students to travel outside of campus into LA and/or other cities and possibly other states?
Currently, LA County requires people who travel outside the state or more than 120 miles outside the county to quarantine for 10 days upon return to LA County. It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid travel to the extent possible. CMC has not formalized any travel policies, and we will provide more information as we approach the start of the school year.

Will RAs be responsible to enforce social distancing or other health guidelines and to notify the Dean of Students Office of any students who choose not to follow them?
To avoid COVID-19 outbreaks, we will lean on all students to respect any rules related to social distancing or other health guidelines. Resident Assistants are important student leaders who will help reinforce these expectations, but we expect all students to self-enforce and to hold one another accountable for the health and safety of the community.

How will the College support a diverse and inclusive campus community, including at the Alexan Kendry Apartments?
Consistent with CMC’s mission and values, and in alignment with the President’s Initiative on Anti-Racism and the Black Experience in America, the Dean of Students Office and student leadership groups are committed to programs and policies that support all students, regardless of their housing arrangements. It is the responsibility of all members of our campus community to contribute to the vitality and overall inclusivity of our campus climate.

Will student activities be allowed to resume in-person next semester? For example, clubs, organizations, CPB events, ASCMC events, etc.?
We anticipate and look forward to campus life that will include a wide array of student activities. We will work with students over the summer to develop reasonable social policies that are compliant with public health regulations and in accord with our campus’s health and safety priorities.

Will there be a CMC Club and Research Institute Fair in the fall?
The CMC Club and Research Institute Fair will happen on Friday, September 3. More information is forthcoming from the ASCMC VP of Campus Organizations who is available to help all clubs create programs, run efficient and engaging meetings and elections, or even start a new club. Questions? Email

Soll Center for Student Opportunity

What will Career Services programming look like in the fall?
We anticipate Career Services support and programming will continue to be available in both in-person and virtual formats. Students can look forward to employer interactions, networking treks, our job shadow program, skills-building workshops, and alumni and parent networking panels. Additionally, we are continuing the new coaching program where a dedicated career coach will individually connect with every student. We recognize that our rising sophomores have missed out on a whole year of on campus activities, so we will be designing additional programming to help bring them fully up to speed on anything they have missed during their first year at CMC.

What will employee recruitment look like in the fall?
All employee recruiting activities such as interviews, networking events and information sessions will be offered in-person or remotely as required by LA County and as preferred by the employers.  

What will on-campus jobs look like in the fall?
We anticipate that the number and variety of on-campus jobs for departments across the Claremont Consortium will return to normal levels for the fall semester. Career Services will collaborate with Financial Aid, Human Resources and key hiring departments to conduct a review of the CMC on-campus job recruitment process this summer in order to identify improvements for the fall. Our goal is to make on-campus job opportunities as transparent, equitable, and accessible as possible for all students.

These Frequently Asked Questions  are subject to change as additional questions are added and as new or more informed answers emerge.