Working Together

Each and every member of the CMC community is essential to our return to campus in the fall. For faculty and staff, we will work with you all to ensure a safe, timely, and effective reintroduction to your campus work environment with colleagues. The College is preparing a thoughtful, multi-phase return based on late spring and summer priorities. Advanced notice is forthcoming. We also will provide clarity and care to address your individual concerns, particularly those that may be outside of your control. Together with facilities staff, we will work on physical modifications and accommodations that may be necessary in order to safely assemble together in offices. Most important of all, vaccinations for the entire community remain our top priority—and the best way to bring everyone back to work safely and smartly.

Return to Campus

Before students begin moving back to campus in late August, CMC staff will return in phases between now and the start of the fall semester. The College’s plan is anchored in two critical priorities: The return of students to a residential, in-person learning and social environment; and compliance with evolving public health guidelines. Once students are back in residence, we plan to have everyone on campus to provide in-person support and services as customary to CMC.

The following tenets will guide our multi-phase return:

  • We aspire to resume full college-based activities in the least restrictive environment possible.
  • We will continue to promote that all employees—except those who satisfy legally recognized exemptions—get vaccinated. We will encourage all employees to submit evidence of vaccination through Qualtrics.
  • We will adhere to evolving public health guidance from both the CDC and L.A. County.
  • We will continue to operate our on-campus COVID-19 services clinic, with measures in place for anyone still not vaccinated, including daily health screening, frequent testing, and contact tracing capabilities.
  • We will implement a staggered schedule that allows the College to address necessary workplace modifications, physical distancing, and mask-wearing.
  • We will support faculty and staff with personal challenges beyond their control that might justify an alternative work situation during summer 2021 or portions of academic year 2021-22. For arrangement requests, please contact Nyree Gray, chief civil rights officer.

What to Expect

Each department’s schedule for return between now and August was crafted in consultation with the vice presidents of the College and based on their specific needs for supporting on-campus activities. Human Resources will send all staff members a customized letter providing as much notice as possible—but no less than two weeks’ notice—prior to your expected return date.

Some departments have already returned to campus; others will return in phases and avoid doing so at the same time. For the summer, vice presidents will have the flexibility to manage the on-campus presence of their department’s staff on a hybrid (in-person and remote) basis, provided the office remains open and capable of providing services. Staff and faculty transitioning to on-campus work also will be required to review and complete a Return to Campus Checklist.

As the College receives updated Protocols for Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs), which govern our campus, and guidance from L.A. County’s Reopening Protocols for Office Worksites, we will communicate it to employees in a timely manner. We anticipate changes throughout the summer. For any additional questions, please refer to our FAQ (see below).

Technology Support

The College continues its commitment to provide staff and faculty with the technology required to work remotely, but departments should begin planning for equipment return. Please contact Information Technology Services at (909) 607-0911 for assistance with, or questions about, returning computer equipment to your campus workspace.

Medical Support

On-site medical support for faculty and staff includes a clinic dedicated to testing, with rapid results within 24 to 48 hours, tech-supported contact tracing, and case management (see video to prepare for self-swab testing).   Rigorous, mandatory daily, app-supported health screening protocol and health and safety guidelines remain in place for any members of the CMC community, and visitors, who come to campus. Please see the College’s comprehensive COVID-19 Strategic Response Plan.

Vaccination Resource Guide

Employee Assistance Fund

CMC highly encourages vaccines for all community members who can safely receive one.  Please access the Vaccination Resource Guide for information and available resources to assist you to locate and schedule a COVID-19 vaccination.  Please consult with your medical provider to confirm if you have underlying medical conditions that should be considered before receiving the COVID-19. 

Employee Assistance Fund

All CMC staff remained fully employed and paid through December 2020, when our inability to return for the Spring semester triggered part- and full-time furloughs for 127 staff members. Since that time, CMC continued to provide health and tuition benefits for our furloughed staff. Staff are also eligible to apply for state unemployment compensation benefits. To further mitigate the economic impact on staff and their families, we CMC raised over $700,000 from our generous trustees, alumni, and parents as part of a CMC Employee Assistance Fund administered by America’s Charities. Both fully and partially furloughed staff completed a simple application process, and those who meet the criteria for demonstrated financial hardship, received a tax-free cash grant of $3,000 in January. Although the CMC has been able to return some furloughed employees back to fulltime status early, all remaining eligible, full-time furloughed staff were eligible to apply for an additional $3,000 in a second round of grant funding in April.

Frequently Asked Questions
When will staff be returning to campus?

CMC will return staff to campus in phases between May and August. We will spend the summer months preparing for a return of all students and faculty to campus for the fall semester with in-person instruction and students in residence. Students will begin moving into campus housing in August.

We have proven that we can effectively work remotely. Why bring staff back to campus while we are still dealing with pandemic restrictions?

Our plans to return staff to campus are informed by two critical priorities:

The return of students to a residential, in-person learning and social environment; and

Compliance with public health guidance.

The issue is not if we all return to campus, but when and how to do so responsibly.

Once students are back in residence and faculty are teaching in-person, we must be prepared to deliver excellent in-person support and services to our community. We will be guided by LA County’s Protocols for Institutes of Higher Education.

What if I have a personal situation which makes returning to campus (either full-time or part-time) at my appointed date problematic?

We will support employees with personal challenges beyond their control that might justify an alternative work situation during summer 2021 or portions of academic year 2021-22. Alternative work arrangement requests will be evaluated by a committee, in consultation with supervisors, as appropriate. Throughout this process, the College will continue to apply legal accommodation policies, as applicable. Such inquiries should be directed to Human Resources at or (909) 607-1466 .

In the event an alternative work situation is approved, an employee may still be required to report to campus to meet the needs of the office and the College, if requested.

My department is not offering a hybrid work schedule, but I would like to work remotely some of the time. Can I get permission to work on a hybrid schedule?

The vice presidents have carefully evaluated what working arrangements are necessary for their departments during summer 2021 as well as academic year 2021/22 to fulfill essential job responsibilities. 

We understand that some employees may have personal circumstances that justify alternative work arrangements over the summer and into the fall. However, because our core focus is to support a residential learning experience for our students, our principal work location will be on campus. An individual preference for a hybrid work arrangement without a compelling personal need or extenuating circumstances will not be accommodated.

When considering employees’ requests for an alternative work arrangement based on a compelling personal need, how does the College intend to ensure consistency in decision-making?

The College will consider the following factors:

Whether the office can remain open during normal business hours and able to provide full service to students, faculty, and staff;

Whether the employee’s position, and the specific office to which it belongs, can be more effective if the work is performed on campus;

Whether the office configuration is conducive to in-person work (e.g., is physical distancing possible, or will wearing face coverings be fair, comfortable, and conducive to productivity); and

The extent to which external factors outside the employee’s control (such as local school closures or the availability of childcare centers) impact the ability of staff to come to campus.

While the College will consider the same criteria for each request, every department is different. Supervisors must have some flexibility to tailor the return-to-campus to the needs of the office and to fulfill campus services in the short-term. Therefore, faculty and staff should anticipate that there may be initial differences among departments.

Will meetings between students, faculty, and staff be held in-person or over Zoom?

It is likely that during the coming academic year, meetings will be held in-person and virtually by Zoom or phone, as appropriate. As of May 6, 2021, LA County published new guidance for both informal gatherings and meetings/conferences that include caps on attendance and many other health and safety requirements. The Protocols for Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs), which govern our campus, were last updated on April 5, and we await their updated guidance.

How should supervisors prepare to return to work on campus?

Supervisors should make every effort to be on-campus this summer when staff are present to:

Provide direct, accessible supervision and leadership of their staff;

Ensure adequate coverage so that the office is not left to a single individual; and

(3) Avoid any appearance of unfair or inconsistent approaches towards the return to campus of their department.

Can student workers work on campus without on-site supervision?

No. If an office or department hires students to work on campus, they must be supervised by an on-site faculty or staff member.

Will I have to wear a mask on campus?

Yes. At least for now. LA County’s current Reopening Protocols for Office Worksites, effective May 6, 2021, still require that even fully vaccinated employees “must wear face masks at all times except when working alone in private offices with closed doors or when eating or drinking.” Employees who have been instructed by their medical provider not to wear a mask must wear a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, provided their medical condition permits doing so.

LA County Guidance effective May 6, 2021

CMC Mask Wearing Policy for Indoors (even if you are vaccinated)

Wear your mask inside any CMC campus facility

Wear your mask at all times when in an open-air cubical space

Wear your mask while attending any indoor meeting or gathering (we prefer that you meet outdoors whenever possible)

You may remove your mask when alone in your own private office with the door closed

You may remove your mask when you are eating or drinking, while remaining 6 feet away from others in the vicinity (we prefer that you eat outdoors whenever possible)

CMC Mask Wearing Policy for Outdoors (even if you are vaccinated)

Keep a mask with you at all times

You may remove your mask when you are working alone outdoors, at least 6 feet away from others in the vicinity

Wear your mask when you are within 6 feet of another person.

Wear your mask when you are sharing CMC-sponsored transportation with others, even while outdoors (e.g., golf carts)

Must I continue to fill out the daily health screening before coming onto campus?

Yes. As of May 6, 2021 the County continues to require a daily symptom screening prior to entering the worksite, including for fully vaccinated individuals. We expect this universal requirement to be relaxed as public health conditions improve.

What if I do not feel safe returning to campus? What is the College doing to keep the community safe?

We understand that the past year has been disconcerting, and “returning to normal” may feel unnerving. However, our confidence is bolstered by increasing rates of vaccination and the impact on the reduction of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the region. CMC will continue to follow all county, state and federal guidelines to minimize the risk of exposure to our entire community.   

The College has also made a number of physical improvements to campus facilities, including upgrading HVAC systems and filters, installing plexiglass at various points of exchange, deploying hand sanitizing stations across campus, instituting a daily health check that any member of our community coming to campus must fill out attesting that they are not symptomatic, and establishing an on-site clinic to conduct COVID-19 testing and robust contact tracing procedures. 

If a staff member still has concerns, they should consult with their supervisor. Alternatively, employees are encouraged to share their concerns with Human Resources at or (909) 607-1466. The College remains willing to provide more educational material and reasonable workspace modifications to address safety concerns.

What should I do if I notice an employee not following the health and safety protocols?

It depends on your level of comfort. Sometimes the best thing to do is politely remind a colleague of the expectations, as we are all prone to momentary lapses. Alternatively, you can contact your supervisor or Human Resources.

Reporting anonymously through CMCListens is always available if you do not feel comfortable reporting directly:

Will I be notified if a co-worker tests positive for COVID-19?

The College has had a robust contact tracing protocol in place since August 2020. If you are identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive, you will be notified and given further instructions.

Is the College requiring students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine?

CMC has mandated that students be vaccinated as a condition of enrollment in fall 2021 (subject to any legal exemptions). The COVID-19 vaccine is a critical factor in allowing the College to reopen in the fall. The College urges all staff and faculty who can safely be vaccinated to obtain a vaccine as soon as practicable, will continue to provide updates on vaccination availability, and continues to evaluate the potential justification for a vaccine mandate.

Will I be informed if my co-workers have been vaccinated?

No. This is confidential information. Supervisors are instructed not to inquire about anyone’s vaccination status. As a general matter, co-workers should refrain from asking others about their vaccination status as well.

If I am fully vaccinated, will I still be required to test for COVID-19?

The College will follow the guidance of public health authorities on the relationship between vaccines and routine (or “outbreak prevention”) COVID-19 testing. Currently, we will not require vaccinated individuals to be subject to routine, twice-a-week testing. Vaccinated individuals may still be subject to infrequent, randomized testing to help track any viral transmission of contagious or vaccine-resistant variants in our community.

If I am required to test on campus, will I be compensated for this time?

Yes. Testing will be conducted during your work hours and you will not be required to use your break/lunch time to complete the testing.

Now that I know the College is planning to return staff to campus, what do I need to do to prepare?

Staff who have been working remotely during the pandemic should begin to prepare for an eventual return to campus. There are a number of steps to consider before you return to campus; please refer to the Return to Campus Checklist (Attachment A) for more detail.

  • Get vaccinated and self-report it in Qualtrics; if you are hesitant, consult your physician or contact Hamilton Health Box: or (909) 607-2301; if you have a legally justified need for accommodation (medical or religious), please contact Nyree Gray at;
  • Complete the COVID-19 Safety Training;
  • Complete consent forms and on-campus work schedule survey in Qualtrics;
  • Contact your supervisor regarding their expectations for a return to campus and any physical space concerns; and
  • Contact IT Services to discuss returning loaner equipment to campus, if applicable

“Open and robust communication will be essential as we navigate these challenges.”

Coreen Rodgers
Vice President of Business and Chief Operating Officer

Employee Assistance Fund

Coronavirus Relief Funding to Students

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